How old are you?

I’m 001000002.

Who is your current employer?

I’m my own employer. I’m the CEO of my own company, Browserling, a cross-browser testing company.

What is your coding specialty?

I have many, and Linux system programming is one of them.

What is your earliest coding memory?

Writing tiny applications in Visual Basic when I was 1o years old. They were very simple, like adding two numbers together.

Did your parents code?

No, my mom is a journalist and my dad is an athlete.

Did you go to school for computer science?

No. I didn’t go to college.

What was your process like of learning to code?

I started using computers when I was 6 years old. I would go to my mom’s work and use the computers there. I loved everything about them. I got hooked and I just kept learning more and more about them.

What percentage of you is motivated by money?

I would say about 70%.

At what age did you realize that you could make money from coding?

At the age of 12 I was creating websites for people. I charged $10 an hour.

If you had unlimited time, resources and knowledge what would you create?

I would have a team of scientists study time on a quantum scale. I would want to figure out answers to the questions: what is time? can we stop it? can we reverse it?

Then I would have that same team see if we can extract information from the future. I read an article about some crazy shit where at a quantum scale that is possible. So why not study it? It could be super useful stuff.

I would also want to help people, including myself, go to Mars and to other planets. Oh and next I would want to study reverse aging and longevity. I would give Aubrey de Grey 1 billion dollars to build a team that would stop aging and reverse it.

Would you marry a robot?

Not really, no. But then again, I guess it depends on how human-like the robot is. But still, probably no.

Biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?

Solving my visa issues. I currently have to waste time and energy going back and forth to get my visa renewed.

Do you want to live in the US? If so, is it your visa issues that are preventing you from doing so?

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Yes and yes, I’m trying to find a new visa right now. I was on a tourist visa but they will no longer renew it. So I tried all different kinds of visa options but they didn’t work. Currently, there is a new option through a global EIR program that I’m exploring. It’s when you partner with a university and get a university visa.

If you couldn’t live in the US, what country would you live in?

I only want to live in the US, it’s the only place I want to live.

What state would you want to live in ?

I would live in California so I could network and hang out with my Hackers & Founders friends. They have a huge network.

How did you get started with Hackers & Founders?

I was visiting the US and I went to a Hackers & Founders event where I ran into Johnathan Nelson, the founder. It just so happened that he had been reading my blog and the rest is history.

Do you still write on your blog? How old were you when you started it?

Yes, I still work on my blog. I was 20 when I started it. I started it because I had so much knowledge and I wanted to share it with the world.

Do you work out?

Yes, I run. I like to do 200 and 400 meter sprints.

What is your natural sleep cycle?

I stay up for 18 hours and then I sleep for 8 hours. I don’t operate on earth’s schedule — I operate on my own 26-hour cycle. I like to work late at night.

Do you worry that having a family will interfere with your work?

Maybe I used to a little bit, but not so much anymore because my company is doing well and I know I can manage it. But a few years ago I didn’t know if it would be a success of not. Thankfully it’s doing well and I’ve realized that even if I take a few days off nothing bad will happen.

What languages do you use?

Javascript, Perl, Bash, HTML, CSS.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into coding?

Start with interactive tutorials like the ones from Code Academy. Don’t read books, do the interactive tutorials. Reading a book from cover to cover will not make you a programmer, but if you do the interactive stuff you will really learn how to apply what you just learned.

Do you think everyone has the ability to learn to code?

No, not really. To get really good you have to start at a young age because our mind needs to adapt to coding. The skills you learn at an early age stay inside of you and you don’t need to push yourself to learn them. At a later age it’s much harder. I mean you can learn to code but you’ll never be the best coder if you learn at age 20 or 30.

If you could describe yourself in three words what would they be?

Hard working, motivated, and curious.

What is your primary value?

My integrity is my primary value. I deliver what I say I will deliver. If I make a promise to you, I will fulfill that promise.

Are you happy?


Has your hair always been as fantastic as it is currently?

Sometimes when I allow it to be. It’s not as fantastic when I shorten it.